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Stand: 9330G
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  • Pipeline Inspection & Maintenance

Products to be displayed

REINFORCEKiT 4D (R4D) is an advanced permanent composite repair system for pipes suffering from corrosion defects and mechanical damages. The original 3X Engineering concept is an association of Kevlar® tape and specific bi-component epoxy resin, which allows a safe and easy installation unlike any other products on the wrapping market. R4D is a wet lay-up system, wrapped helicoidally by external application around the pipe in order to bring the mechanical resistance to the damaged pipe section. In accordance with ASME B31G, ISO24817 & ASME PCC-2 standards, this patented product is designed to reinforce a pipe which has lost up to 80 per cent of wall thickness. There are no limits in terms of pressure, and it could be applied without shutdown up to 250°C. We have developed our own software (called R.E.A) to design the composite repair and define the material requirements in accordance with existing international standards.
STOPKIT is a revolutionary concept patented by 3X ENGINEERING which has been developed for sealing pipe leaks. It is today the only efficient leak repair system which can be applied under pressure on a pipe without shutdown with an installation time of few minutes. Since its launch, more than a thousand of leaks have been successfully sealed thanks to the STOPKIT. Many O&G companies rely on this product for handling oil, gas or water leaks.
ROLLERKiT is a patented innovation by 3X ENGINEERING for pipe and support protection against corrosion. It can be used as preventive or curative repair system. Thanks to its technical characteristics, ROLLERKiT can also be used as an impact protection shield (splash zones protection, erosion prevention, thermal insulation protection).